LogiCO2 - MK9 CO2 Monitor

LogiCO2 - MK9 CO2 Monitor


Edco Distributing

$ 549.00 

LogiCO2 MK9 System 

  • Central Unit, Sensor, and Horn/Strobe.
  • Part #2049
  • Display provides visible indication of CO2 levels and temperature from up to eight CO2 sensors
  • Most cost effective CO2 detection system currently available
  • Four alarm levels fulfill all U.S. CO2 safety codes and norms
  • Central unit makes non-smelling invisible CO2 gas visible and advises what to do in different alarm situations
  • Automatic calibration is safer and zero maintenance
  • Plug and play components simplify installation
  • System is expandable up to eight sensors
  • System can be connected to an existing fire alarm system
    that is connected to the fire department
  • Perfect for Restaurants, Hotels, Bars and Microbreweries!
  • For technical information click HERE